We offer chemicals for well­being. Our choices of chemicals generate benefits in terms of health and overall well­being. We do not work with hazardous chemicals or any other chemicals that present harmness to human. Pharmaceutical active ingredients, personal care raw materials and functional nutraceuticals including exotic botanical extracts are our core products.

Pharmaceutical : 
Chem Sources Ltd., Part is a leading 
distributor of  pharmaceutical­grade simethicone and antifoams. 

Personal care :
Chem Sources Ltd., Part provides both 
active ingredients and  excipients in cosmetics formulations.

Food and beverage : 
Chem Sources Ltd., Part provides food ingredients and antifoaming agents in food and beverage industries since 1979.

Agriculture :
Chem Sources Ltd., Part mainly focuses in surface active agents used as wetting agent for fertilizers or pesticides. It improves covering and spreadability on plant surface.

Marine :
Chem Sources Ltd., Part mainly focuses antifoaming agent mixed in marine food industry.

Water and Wastewater :
Chem Sources Ltd., Part mainly focuses antifoaming agent in water and wastewater management.

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