FreshBio VPW


FRESHBIO VPW: An ideal ingredient for Antiviral / Antibacterial / Antifungals + mild on skin + effectively kill germs

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FreshBio VPW is an "no restricted" ingredient designed to be Antiviral / Antibacterial / Antifungals.

EWG: Green GradeParaben FreeThiazolinone FreeFormaldehyde FreePreservative FreeNatural
     Partially - Food derived


Restrictions on preservatives in comparison:

FRESHBIO VPWCetylpyridinium ChlorideBenzalkonium chlorideChlorhexidine

* FreshBio VPW is a non restricted ingredient. All chemical names are valid in Eurocosing and none shows as preservatives *

FreshBio VPW chemical name [INCI name]:

  • Glyceryl laurate / Sodium coco PG-dimonium chloride phosphate / Levulinic acid / Sodium levulinate


FreshBio VPW Applications:

Personal careHygienic productsHygiene washWet Wipes Hand sanitizing productsSurface cleaningToy cleaners

FreshBio VPW effectiveness: 


99.99%99.999%99.9%24 hours


FreshBio VPW recommended dosage:

  • 1% [simply use 1% of VPW mix with 99% water]


FreshBio VPW benefits:

  • Mild on skin
  • Protect 24 hours
  • Not cause dried skin [unlike alcohol related products]


FreshBio VPW standard packing: 20 KG


FreshBio VPW for home users: [English subtitle available]


FreshBio VPW applications VDO: [English subtitle available]


FreshBio VPW summary VDO: [English subtitle available]



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